Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rimmel London Metal Rush Nail Polish: Pearly Queen (£3.99/8ml)

After my disappointed at Rimmel's Metal Rush nail polish Gold Save the Queen, I didn't hold high hopes for another one of the Metal Rush range: Pearly Queen. It certainly looked stunning in the bottle, so I approached it with an open mind.

Pearly Queen is amazing in all the areas where Gold Save the Queen falls short. It truly is multi-tonal, looking lilac in some lights, pearly-white in others and even lime-green at times. It's a pretty, subtle and feminine polish that has an ethereal quality to it and is eye-catching without being loud. Absolutely breath-taking and original. My only criticism is that it does take a while to dry and as the colour is so subtle, you need to apply several coats to get the effect. However, I dare say it's worth it, just be prepared to wait a little while for it to dry. Rimmel definitely make up for my intense dislike of the first polish I tried in this range with this little beauty and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. 

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